Tinnitus, A Holistic Approach. Cognitive Retraining (Part I)

What causes tinnitus?

BestTinnutisDoctorNYC2Tinnitus affects as many as 10% of the U.S. population and there is little agreement as to its causes or treatments. As with most idiopathic nerve problems, the cause of one person’s tinnitus may differ completely from another’s. For this reason therapy plans are usually dictated by the underlying medical condition leading to tinnitus – whether from injury, an inner ear disorder or any of dozens of other pathologies.

What can be done about tinnitus?

When an underlying medical cause cannot be found the approach of improving general ear health is usually taken, although “healthy” can become an area of debate as different researchers come to different conclusions. Some of the suspected causes of tinnitus include blood flow disorders, inflammation, mechanical disruptions (such as in the neck, jaw or ear), chemical contact and prolonged exposure to noise. Treatments directed at each of these causes can be found in traditional and holistic medicine – the benefits of which are subjective to the sufferer.

Do holistic therapies for tinnitus work?BestTinnutisDoctorNYC3

There has been research into many supplements and non-traditional therapies for tinnitus, each showing varying levels of effectiveness. Some are anecdotal and others quite well supported. As an example (and to our great fortune) aspirin (salicylic acid) was discovered in the home remedy brews made from willow bark. Also fortunately, the benefits of blood-letting were found to be less effective.

Where do I start with my treatment of tinnitus?

As with all chronic illness, improving a person’s overall health is always recommended. Weight loss, a more nutritious and balanced diet, and exercise will reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and improve overall functioning of the whole body. This is always positive for anyone suffering from an idiopathic disorder.

Tinnitus is not something you have to endure alone. Contact us, the top tinnitus treatment center in the New York area, for answers and treatment options to quiet the ringing.


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